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Kaze no machi e

Kaze no machi e is an insert song of the second TC ost, sung by the duo FictionJunction KEIKO. The song appears in episodes 19 (partially) and 21 of Tsubasa Chronicle (first season).


FictionJunction is Japanese composer Yuki Kajiura’s solo project. It is not a pseudonym that Kajiura uses when she composes soundtracks. To date, all such collaborations have consisted of a (female) vocalist, with Kajiura on the keyboard or the piano. Most FictionJunction songs have been featured in an anime series (usually as insert songs), most notably Gundam Seed and Tsubasa Chronicle.

FictionJunction KEIKO

Vocalist: Keiko Kubota
They recorded only one song, Kaze no Machi e, which was used as an insert song in Tsubasa Chronicle first season). Keiko is involved with Yuki Kajiura's Kalafina Project.

Listen to It's


Toki no mukou kaze no machi e
Nee, tsurete itte
Shiroi hana no yume

Amai yubi de kono te wo tori, nee
Tooi michi wo
Michibiite hoshii no
Anata no soba e

Sono utagoe taenai hirusagari
Mezamete futari wa hitotsu ni nari
Shiawase no imi wo hajimete shiru no deshou
Tsurete itte

Sono utagoe setsunaku takaraka ni
Subete no kokoro ni hibiku no deshou
Shiawase no imi wo shirazu ni nemuru yoru ni


Mada shiranai yume no mukou, nee
Tooi michi wo
Futari de yukeru wa
Kaze no machi e


Please, take me to the town of wind
On the other side of time
Please, grant the wish
Of my pure white flower

Grab me by the hand with your gentle fingers
And take me far away
Guide me to your world
So I can be with you

Without even a whisper of your song on this fateful afternoon
Two lovers awake to become one
For the first time, they'll learn what true happiness is
Take me away

Your singing voice resounds
All through my heart loudly and sadly
On a night where I sleep without knowing the meaning of happiness


Together, we can go
The great distance
Beyond a dream I don't know yet
To the town of wind